“S” isms

I come from a large family, and am blessed to have 37 neices and nephews. Yes 37 between mine and my hubby’s families. It’s awesome. Seriously.

One of my nephews is especially hilarious. I love hearing the things he says from my sister. “S” is 3 years old.

Let me paint you a picture so you can imagine him. Youngest in the family, only one not in school yet, big cheeks that are so kissable, curly blonde hair that sort of reminds you of the boy cabbage patch kid. He’s got quite a personality too, and is definitely one not to go unheard.

I just love the kid to pieces. He’s also so “cheeky” you forget he’s only 3 with some of his brilliant “isms”.

Here’s a few :
Mom: “S do you want to go to preschool next year? ”
S : “No, I don’t want to. ”
Mom: “why not?”
S: “Because I’m a genius. I’m cute, I’m smart, and I let it all out!”

Mom: “we need to go to school”
S: “OK mom. If you want to take a nap on the way, that’s okay. I will drive. You just tell me what to do”

S: “mom, I combed my hair, but first I put gel in it”
Mom: “how much did you use?”
S: “I don’t know, maybe 3 & 1/2”
(Not sure what measurement a 3 yr old uses, squirts? Pounds? Hairs sticking up?)

Toddlerbombs! They make cute kids even cuter!


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