Explanation for male pattern baldness

We’ve been playing with Play-doh a lot lately. It is such a great toy for a hyperactive 2 year old and a 1 year old.  They get mezmorized with it, and even us adults enjoy it too.

Well today while we were watching some of our friend’s kids, we were playing with the Play-doh.  Like normal “kids” we ended up making fake mustaches, snotty noses, unibrows, etc.  Well one thing led to another, and we started making hair for my husband (who is bald).

I asked Hurricane, “what happened to daddy’s hair?”
His reply, “its gone, the bear took it”
ME: “The bear took it?”
Hurricane: “Yeah, the bear. He took daddy’s big hair. Now he just have little hair left. Right here.. (pointing to my husbands bald head, and in a really high pitched voice).”
ME: “Can you go find the bear and get daddy’s hair?”
Hurricane: “Yeah! It’s lost. I go find daddy’s hair from the bear”.

He then proceeded to try and get his friends to follow him around the house looking for the Bear that stole his daddy’s hair.  Now that I am typing this, the whole conversation seems much funnier to experience then to type and read. But seriously?  How’s that for an explanation for male pattern baldness?  A bear took it?  Kids have quite the imagination. Oh Toddlerbombs.


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