“I hated eating from your boobs!”

Yes, this is what Vivi yelled at me from the other side of the park. Charming, isn’t it?

Backstory: Vivi loves babies. She thinks they’re “cute and adorable.” She does, however, tell me frequently (since about 6 months ago) how she hated being a baby. The reasons have been various. Usually it’s because she didn’t like not being able to do things for herself. But I’ve been surprised at how frequent and consistent this “I hated being a baby” issue has come up.

Which brings us to yesterday. We were at the park with a friend who had a baby about 3 months ago. Vivi did NOT want to be at the park was not being pleasant. That’s when my friend asked if Vivi liked babies and wanted to see her baby. Vivi lit up and got excited. So, I offered up the “interesting” factoid that Vivi had decided she loves babies but hated being a baby.

She heard me say this to my friend and yelled, “I hated being a baby!” as she ran off to (actually) play.
I gently called back, “Yes, I know.”
Then, from the other side of the little playground she offered another reason she hated being a baby when she yelled, “I hated eating from your boobs!” (it was either “eating from your boobs” or “sucking from your boobs” I can’t remember).

After the initial shock, I turned to my friend and said “That’s not what she was saying the first 18 months of her life.

Yes, 18 months. The last several months was nursing just in the morning and at night, but she loved to nurse and we just never really kicked the habit until she was 1.5 years.

So her saying she hated eating from my boobs is pretty ridiculous. Because she obviously did. I think her memory of being a baby is a bit off…dork.

lol this whole blog post is ridiculous and contains the word “boobs” too many times. I hope it makes you chuckle like it makes me.


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