Diaper Rash

Baby Dirt has diaper rash.  The poor little guy.  I feel bad for him.  I have been putting ointment on it, and have even done a baking soda bath for him as well, but its still lingering.  Hurricane likes to “help” me.  He’ll go get me a new diaper, medicine, and even wants to help apply the medicine… (its messy, but messier if I don’t let him help).

Yesterday while changing baby Dirt’s diaper Hurricane felt like he needed to help me.  I was at my mother-in-laws home, and was of course trying to change it discretely.   That didn’t happen.  Hurricane pointed to the baby’s bottom and proceeded to tell his “Dam-ma” about the diaper rash.

H:  “Dam-ma, baby have owie”
Grandma: “oh yep, he does”
H: “Baby sit in straw-berrs”
Grandma: “he sat in strawberries?”
H: “yeah, he sat in straw-berrs, got owie on his bottom”

Such as sweet conversation between a little boy and his grandmother.   AND of course, a very creative explanation for diaper rash..  Oh the things our kids do and say!


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