Allow me to introduce you…

Bath time is So. Much. Fun!  Especially when your kids actually like bath time.    I am so grateful that Hurricane and Dirt love bath time.   Even as annoying as it is, that some days they want to take like 3-4 baths. I hear.. “I want a TUB!” quite often!

Besides bubbles, bath tub toys make bath time even more fun.   For a while now we’ve been working on naming the different animals with Hurricane.  his answers can be pretty entertaining.

Here’s a picture of the boys’ toys all lined up.  So, Allow me to introduce you to the toddlerbombs… I mean toys…


Here’s a closer look.


Names:  Football Duck, Daddy Fish, Mommy Fish, Baby Fish.

-These names make a lot of sense since his second most favorite sport is football (baseball is his favorite), and his family.  I’m just happy that I am the cute orange whale/fish looking toy, not the spazzed out looking shark.


Names:  Dog, Whore, and F**k.

– I think I mentioned that this was a “Seal Pup” one time, and since then, it’s been a dog.   I see a little resemblance..

– “Whore”, is short for Seahorse.. which I think is a pretty good 2-year-old version of the word, even though it’s also a “not nice word” to say. “Do you want to take a bath with your Whore toy?” That phrase does NOT sound right! Not. At. All.

– Yes, you read that right.  For about 3 months, “Frog” turned into a horribly bad F-word.  Thankfully it has turned into “Froggy” now.


Names:  Ummmmm, Rawr, and Santa

– I’m not so sure what the purple animal is supposed to be either, maybe a walrus? But it doesn’t have tusks, maybe a Sea Lion?  I think “Ummm” is quite appropriate.

– “Rawr” makes sense, since technically alligators lived at the time of Dinosaurs.

– But Santa?  That was out of the BLUE!   Maybe the squids tentacles look like a Santa beard??? If So, this “Live-in” Santa needs to start giving more presents at Christmas for his water bills he keeps racking up…Santa just better not be messing around with the Whore or else he might get gift of the Crab(s)… (SO sorry! I coudln’t help myself from making one cheesy joke!)


Names:  Baby!!, Zzzzz, Nurble, and Cab.

– Ever seen the movie Happy Feet? Hurricane loves that movie, especially when the baby Penguins hatch from their eggs.   He exclaims BABY!!! every.single.time. we watch that movie.   (Hurricane now does say Penguin, but he still calls this a baby Penguin)

– Zzzzz.  This one took FOREVER for us to figure out how he got the name for it.  You know that sound that sippy cups make when your kid drinks out of them.. it’s sort of a  zzzzz sound, due to the bubbles, motion, etc.  Well, that is what Hurricane would call “Milk”, when he wanted some.  He wanted some “Zzzzzz”.  Well, this bath toy seems to make that same sound when the water squirts out of it… and thus the toy is called “Zzzzz”. (and since he’s grown out of the that stage, he now calls the toy “MIlk”)

– Nurble is a pretty close way of saying Turtle, I think at least.  especially for a not-even 2 1/2-year-old.

– Cab is also a pretty close way of saying Crab, but you must make  the pinching hand jesters and “wank wank wank” after saying Crab.  It’s just what’s done  when you talk about the Crab in the tub.   This Crab is also very good at spitting.

Boom! Sometimes, kids can have toddlerbombs, even when they are doing the simplest of things; like taking a bath.  But watch out for whores, Milk, dogs, and Santa in your bath!


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