Cage fighting

As you have probably noticed (if anyone even reads this blog!) we don’t post a bunch of photos on here.  But, I’m going to post a few pictures to go along with my explanation.

A couple of friends of ours are moving nearby.  They asked if I could find them some good deals on some furniture.  One peice is a crib.  My garage is full of furniture right now, but my Hurricane, and baby Dirt have enjoyed playing in the crib while my husband and I are working on projects (mowing the lawn, etc.) in the front yard.

Today, Hurricane (cue: “Rock you like a Hurricane” Music), decided to turn playing in the crib into a cage fighting, UFC style wrestling match.

Poor baby Dirt.


Cannon Ball!


This is where I stepped in and yelled “NO CAGE FIGHTING WITH YOUR BROTHER!”  and “GET OFF HIS HEAD!”


How can I get them to stop when even the little one getting smooshed is laughing????



(is it bad that I can also tell whether or not Hurricane is on top of his brother, even when I am in the other room?) I’m wating for the day that Dirt just punches him in the face for all the smooshing he’s had to bear in his short 9 month life already…

Its too cute, not to laugh, but then does that mean I am okay with it?? Oh the joys of parenthood.


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