Please don’t…

I really try not to tell my kids “no” all the time. But I know I can’t 100% be a “yes” mom, because, we’ll there are some things that deserve the answer “no” or “don’t”.

Here’s a few examples of things I’ve said “no” about in the last couple weeks….

-Please don’t stick the crayon up your nose
– don’t eat the dirt! (Ironically to baby Dirt)
– DO NOT eat the dried up worm!!!
– No drinking the puddles! (I say this too often to Hurricane)
– yucky! Dirt, don’t eat the dog food
– please don’t eat the grass
– PLEASE stop licking the salt shaker! (I also say this too often)
– Baby, don’t eat the dogs hair!
– don’t eat the cord to the vacuum

(Do you see a trend here? I PROMISE I feed my kids! )

– do not throw the baseball at the tv!!!!
– please don’t hit your brother with the baseball bat (a small plastic one, but still)

Boom. Mom bombs. Every single day.

(I’m not crazy for saying these things to my kids am I? )


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