Like Dad!

Father’s Day has come and gone, and in honor of fathers, I am going to embarrass my dear husband (not that I don’t do that all the time already).

Side Note: (this will help you understand the comment my sister made about this story I’m going to tell.) You can’t tell by the picture on the about page, but my husband and I are not the tallest people. 5’6″ and 5’2″, short, but not extremely short. I like to call it “bite size”, vertically challenged, whatever you want to call it, we’re short.

okay, now back to the story…

Potty training. It’s a real joy, isn’t it? Honestly, I haven’t really attempted to potty train the Hurricane yet. I’m nervous, and I’m also a very impatient person, so I haven’t been ready to dedicate myself to it yet. Plus, he’s only 2! I don’t think he’s ready to start potty training yet, or understand what functions his body is having.

So, when Hurricane gets excited about the potty, I gladly take him in, let him attempt his business, but it usually ends up with me moping the floor.

But this potty training story, is just too cute to not share.

A couple of months ago, Hurriane was being too quiet. He just got done in the bathtub, and after drying off with the towell, he decided to take a victory lap around the house in his bare bottomness. I got distracted by something, and after realizing that Hurricane was being way way way way WAY too quiet. I went searching for him.

I found him alright.

I found him trying to use the toilet.

By STANDING on TOP of the toilet SEAT.

Pee EVERYWHERE in my clean bathroom.

With a HUGE smile on his face.

He exclaimed… “LIKE DAD, MOM!”

It was SO cute, I couldn’t not laugh! Even though there was PEE everywhere.

He was trying to go potty like his dad. A dad should be proud of this moment. Right?

(Oh boy, kids sure do notice every detail of, well… everything, don’t they?!)

OF COURSE, I had to share this with my sisters and a few friends, and one of my sisters replied… “I didn’t know your husband was THAT short, that he had to stand on TOP of the toilet seat to pee”..




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