More Beer Please

Hurricane is really starting to say lots of things now.  It’s fun to see how his vocabulary is increasing every day.    It is also fun to hear how some of the words he is trying to say, are actually different words, with TOTALLY different meanings.  Here’s some examples.

Example #1:

The other day we were in the kitchen, here’s our conversation…

H:  “More beer, please”
me:  “Huh?”  (we don’t drink beer, or any alcohol in our home, so I was VERY confused)
H:  “more beer!”

points to container of strawberries…

me: “ohhhh.. now I understand.  More BERRIES…”

(Don’t worry. I’m not getting my 2 year old drunk.  He’s crazy enough!)

Example #2:

H:  “Mom!”
Me:  “Yeah?”

Hurricane hands me the jar of peaches…

H:  “I want more b*tches”
Me:  “You want what?” (sort of flabbergasted by his choice of words)
H:  “more b*tches”

(giggle, trying and hide the fact that me and my husband were cracking up inside…Because we also don’t swear in our house.)

Me: ” more PEACHES?”
H:  “YEAH!”


Boom.  Toddlerbomb(s)


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