That’s not cheese!!!

Well, since it’s Mother’s Day and all… I thought I would share one (or maybe two) of my worst mom moments, mom bombs, etc.  Just to remind you that you are all “normal” out there, even when we are the ones who do crazy things.

Summer 2011.  First big family trip of the year.  Well, really, our FIRST family vacation.  We’d been on short trips before, no longer the 4 hours each way.  This time, we were doing a BIG one.  Over 2500 miles, 13 days, 4 states, 2 family reunions, and A LOT of camping.

As usual, we were running behind schedule leaving.  My niece and nephew had been staying with us, so we were a full load.  We stopped just a few minutes into the trip to get some Taco Bell.  Yummy yummy taco bell.    We ate our dinner ( I had a delicious crunchwrap supreme, oh how I love those…), went potty, and loaded back up and were on our way.  FINALLY!

About 20 minutes later, we turned onto the next highway, Hurricane (baby Hurricane, at the time), was super fussy.  We stopped one last time to feed him, change a diaper, and hope that our screaming baby would stop screaming and go to sleep.  NOW we were FINALLY on our way… (get the drift yet?.. we were running behind)

A couple minutes down the road, I frantically tried to roll the window down, yelling. “THAT’S NOT CHEESE!” THAT’S NOT CHEESE!” and spitting out my mouth. Of course, the window was locked.

“THAT’S NOT CHEESE!” THAT’S NOT CHEESE! I yell at my husband, and he FINALLY rolls down the window.






The yumminess yellow/orange color of melted cheese, that I THOUGHT was on my finger, left over from my Taco Bell, was in fact, poop.



Most. Definitely. NOT. Cheese.


I spit out everything, washed, sanitized, scrubbed out my mouth and hands.  Wiped away my tears of laughter and embarrassment, and then we were ACTUALLY, FINALLY, on our way.. (not before my loving husband sent a few texts, and called a couple of my sisters to tell them the story). Thank you my dear husband.



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