Ouch.. Hammer…

NOTE:  I am not an abusive mom.  I SWEAR.  I love both my children, and try very hard to protect them, keep them safe, and teach them between good and bad.  I love them so much, and it kills me to see them hurt, even when it’s just a sliver, or a scrapped knee.  Although sometimes the manner in which they got hurt was HILARIOUS, I still hate to see them in pain.  Please don’t make me have a meeting with CPS because of this blog post.  LOL. But seriously.

But, Hurricane is his nickname for a reason… right?  He gets into everything, and destruction is eminent.   It’s like he comes in on a beautiful sunny day, and the next thing you know, everything is knocked over, things thrown everywhere, and it looks like we got robbed, or hit by a hurricane.

Well, as you may know, I own my own craft business (read here).  A few weeks ago, I was working on an adorable custom order for a great friend and customer. Baby Dirt was taking a nap, and I was outside building her item, and taking advantage of the beautiful weather we had been having.  I had been hammering, cutting, gluing, measuring for a while outside and my Hurricane was playing with his toy tools next to me, and being a great helper.

I was using the claw part of the hammer to remove a nail.  The next thing I know, the hammer slipped, and I nailed him (no pun intended) right in the middle of the forehead.  I hit my kid in the head with a hammer.

I ran inside the house with my screaming 2 year old, blood all over his face, and peed his pants (we had been trying to potty train, and he hadn’t had any accidents yet that day!) I was seriously expecting to have to rush him to the emergency room, and really get drilled by CPS…

Thankfully, I was able to wipe away his blood, cleaned his wound, and put a band aid on it.  Poor kid.   He had only a small bruise, and of course, a small cut.

For the next several days, and weeks (and still today!) We would get the question as to what happened to his forehead.  His answer?

“Ouch, Hammer. Mom” and points to his head.

Okay, now, let’s really call CPS…

He’s scarred for life, really.  My beautiful boy will have that scar on his forehead for the rest of his life… and his answer?  “My mom hit me in the head with a hammer”.

Let’s just hope I haven’t ruined potty training for life too… I don’t want my kid wearing diapers until he’s 25…

Crazy enough, the very next day, my sweet baby Dirt scratched himself in the forehead with his super sharp nails, in the exact same spot!  They looked like they were twins.  And NO, that’s not a cover story for hitting the baby too.  Geeze.

So there.



2 thoughts on “Ouch.. Hammer…

  1. That story will just get worse (better) with time. By the time he is ten you will have chased him around the yard with it, etc. good idea to document it now. Lol

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