Hello Kitty Magic Underwear

We made a short road trip (1 hour) up to grandma and grandpa’s for a rare sunny Saturday and 4th birthday party for my little Vivi. This is a trip my kids are used to making and handle pretty well. Of course, the kids get antsy towards the end of the trip and there may be some shenanigans.

On this day, Vivi was complaining about wanting to turn around and go home (after we were almost to our destination and going to HER birthday party). All of a sudden a pair of Hello Kitty panties hit me in the face and land in my lap. The same Hello Kitty panties Vivi had been wearing on her head about 30 minutes before (background: Vivi likes to carry her clothes around; we had packed extra clothes…you know, just in case…and she wanted to hold hers during the car trip, so, yes, she had a pair of panties handy).

It took me a long time to break her of the habit of throwing stuff at me while I was driving, so I was surprised and upset (and slightly entertained) that she threw her underwear at me. Actually, she shot it at me. Of course, she was in trouble and I told her she wasn’t going to get it back until we got to grandma’s house, which she was NOT happy about.

“Do you want me to say I’m sorry?? Fine. I’m sorry.”

That did not get me to give her panties back.

The next day we were driving to church and Vivi started telling her dad about how she threw her “underwears” at me. Then she said, “Do you know why I threw my Hello Kitty underwears at Mommy? Because I thought she was going to throw hers at me.”

Come again?

“Yeah, I thought mommy was going to throw her underwears at me, so I threw mine at her first.”

Doug and I started laughing and I asked her, “Vivi, how would I get my underwears off to throw at you while I’m driving?”

“Oh. I put magic on them.”

[Insert ridiculous laughter here]

“No, I put magic IN them.”

[Insert coy look from Doug here]

“Yeah, you have magic underwears.”

Now this is funny because we are Mormon and, more times than I can count, have I read/heard the undergarments I wear called “magic underwear,” so this struck me as doubly funny.

Then Vivi said, “Some day, I will have magic underwears, too.”

Yes, you will, Vivi. Yes, you will. 🙂

Throwing panties. Magic underwear. Toddlerbomb.


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