Mom farted

I have a 2 year old boy.  And he is ALL BOY.   Dirt, boogers, dogs, baseball, burping, and of course “tooting” to mention a few boy characteristics.

The other day I overheard an adorable conversation between my husband and Hurricane.

Hurricane:  (toot) I toot!
Daddy: Yep, you farted.
Hurricane: umm… Mom, toot!
Daddy:  Mom farted?
Hurricane: ….Yeah!
Baby Dirt: (toot)
Daddy:  Did baby just toot?
Hurricane:  Yeah! Baby toot!
Daddy:  Who toots the most?  You, Mom, or Baby?
Hurricane:  umm… Mom! Mom toot!  Mom farted!

I was completely flabbergasted when I heard the conversation! I was in the other room, and heard the conversation over the baby monitor.  At first, I thought it was such a  cute conversation and precious moment between a father and his son.  THEN I heard the conversation was about me, and I was SO embarrassed!  I was on the complete opposite side of the house, and I am positive that my face turned bright red!

OF COURSE, like any normal human being, I pass gas, but I will be truthful in saying, that I am much better, and more frequent at BURPING then I am at farting! I’ve got mad skillz when it comes to burping & belching.  But for goodness sake! My parents didn’t raise me in a barn, I say “excuse me”, and I most definitely don’t fart all the time!  But, it just happens sometimes! Especially after having kids.  The title of “Farts-the-most” belongs to the boys in my house, not me!

I think my face is getting red just writing about it



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