Today was my birthday and to celebrate, Vivi and I went shopping. I was looking for wellies (you know, rubber boots; maybe that’s the Canadian in me coming out) and had looked in several stores but hadn’t found any good ones.

Until we went to Target. I found my wellies and, of course, while we were there I decided to pick up some other household necessities. Vivi is excellent at remembering things we need, so as I remembered them, I would tell her “Vivi, don’t let mummy forget we need shampoo. Vivi don’t let mummy forget we need batteries.” Etc.

After we picked up the shampoo, I asked Vivi, “What else did mummy say we needed?”

Without hesitation, Vivi yells, “TAMPONS!” loud enough to turn several heads.

It was funny to hear that word being yelled with such purpose from a three year old who obviously has no need for them.

I burst out laughing…as did the lady down the aisle. And then Vivi asked “What are tampons anyway?”

“Er…nothing. Mummy just needs them.”

Tampons. Toddlerbomb.


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