Things I never thought I’d say….mom bombs

Being a parent has brought out a different side of me.   I usually think before I say things.  But since getting “mommy brain”, I barely can think at all sometimes (so it seems at least).   Here’s a few things that I have said to my kids, that I never thought I’d say.

(Honestly. NEVER in a million years) thought I’d say.

–  “Lets not do snow angels in the gravel road”
–  “Please don’t use my bra to dry your pee pee”
–  “Hey! Don’t eat the glue! ”
–  “Are you drinking out of the dog’s water dish?”
–  “I don’t think that butter will taste good on grapes… Okay, if you think so…”
–  “Don’t drink out of the mud puddle!  Never mind, you already are.”
–  “Please don’t tongue kiss the dog!”
–  “My head is not a comfortable pillow!”
– “Dog food is yucky for people!”
– “Please don’t lick the salt and pepper shakers” (see For your entertainment post here
–  “I guess he just found out what a dandelion that’s gone to seed tastes like”
– “Please do not stick the screwdriver up your nose”
– “Sorry, I know, I am the meanest mom ever. I won’t let you eat a taquito” (said to the 5 month old)

I’m sure there are, and will be plenty more… Oh the “bombs” that we and our kids drop sometimes!



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