For your entertainment…

Yesterday I had some good friends stop by my house out of the blue (I love it when people do that, no joke!)  My husband was working late, so we decided to go to dinner to waste some time before he got home.  So, my two friends, myself, baby Dirt and Hurricane (who I purposely hadn’t made him nap, because I knew I was going to be dealing with bedtime with both kids all by myself) went to Mexican for dinner.Here’s how dinner went…

It started off great.  Hurricane and I were sitting on one side of the booth, baby Dirt in the high chair, and my friends sitting on the other side of the booth.  Hurricane was coloring, and we were chatting. Perfect.

Then it happened.  They brought the chips.  We all started eating and talking, and before I knew it… Hurricane was standing up on his booster.  Then he was jumping on the booster seat.  Then peering over to the booth behind us playing with the hair of the old man behind me.  Then he was standing on the booster seat, with one foot on the half wall dividing us from the booth next to us, about ready to climb over to the next booth. (no nap= bad idea)

I got him to sit down for a little bit, by letting him play Angry Birds on my phone.  He is very animated when he plays, and thus was shouting “WOW”, “Wha-hoo”, “Yeah”, and “ungreee burrs” with every swipe of the game he made.  I, of course, was trying to get him to be a little quieter, but still appreciated him playing the game versus bouncing (literally) off the walls.

He left the game for something better.  What could possibly be better to a two-year-old, then Angry Birds?  Salt and pepper shakers.

He took the left over chip pieces in the basket and poured the salt and pepper on them.  Not sprinkled, POURED.  There was probably a full quarter-inch of salt on the chips.  He was licking the salt and pepper off the chips, and dipping it back in again, and again. We teased that he was going to have swollen ankles from all the salt.   Then, without me noticing… (or maybe I was trying to ignore him a little bit), he started licking the actual salt and pepper shakers, and pouring them out on to the table.  The table looked like it had been snowed on, and I can’t even begin to imagine all the nastiness his tongue touched on those shakers.

FINALLY our food came.  I shared mine with him, but he didn’t really want to eat much, he just wanted to play.  (Did I mention he didn’t take a nap?)  He again, was jumping up and down, climbing on the wall, and playing with the salt and pepper shakers.   I ate, and tried to keep his noise level low, while attempting to still talk with my friends.

My friends were such good sports.  Laughing, and talking, and trying to help me with him a little bit.  My friends husband, even went as far to show Hurricane how to be a walrus at the dinner table, by using the straw to his milk and my straw.   It was so cute…

Although, they don’t have kids yet, I’m hoping our dinner outing with the Hurricane didn’t make them rethink the idea of having kids altogether.  I think baby Dirt helped them remember that kids are wonderful, because he didn’t make a peep the whole time.  Maybe he was enjoying the Hurricane show as well.

A paper airplane, and a glass of water dumped in my lap. We were done eating dinner and ready to head back to my home.   I tried to straighten my area up and then thought “The waitress earned her tip tonight!”  When she came to gather my plate, I handed her the salt and pepper shakers, and said “you might want to wash these”.  She gave me a very confused look.

We got all loaded up in the car to go home, and the first words that came out of the Hurricane’s mouth. “I wan ninner” (dinner).

You have got to be kidding me!



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