When Easter Becomes About Lucifer…

We had a lovely Easter weekend. It consisted of four Easter egg hunts, 40 hard boiled eggs, tons of candy, family gatherings, and lots of fun.

Oh, and a couple toddler bombs.

The first occurred while Vivi was making new (again) best friends with her uncle John and aunt Nikki. Vivi loves to be the apple in someone’s eye and they are easy targets because they have three older boys, so Vivi likes to play the “Imma give you a kiss!” and “Will you marry me” cards (although she did have a good time playing with the toy guns the boys brought over. At one point one of the boys told her to shoot me and she replied “No. I love her. I’m going to shoot you instead!” Good answer, girl). Vivi loved playing with the boys as well and they were great at including her.

One of the boys, the main object of Vivi’s desire, is named Christopher and, at one point, had decided as a 10 year old boy he’d had enough of being bossed around by the 3 year old girl, so he went into hiding. This is where our story begins.

Vivi was sitting with Christopher’s parents and sharing her candy. Then she asks John, “Where’s Lucifer?” Naturally, John was confused, so Vivi asked again, “Where’s Lucifer?”

John said, “Who?”

Vivi replied with an annoyed, “Your SON. Lucifer.”

At this point John and Nikki laughed so hard they cried. Because, they said, it was an oddly appropriate nickname for Christopher sometimes. Yes, Vivi managed to bring Lucifer into Easter.

The other Easter toddler bomb occurred as everyone was leaving. One relative must have smoked a cigarette at some point during the afternoon because when they came in to give us all goodbye hugs you could smell a bit of smoke. Not exactly noteworthy to most adults, but as that person approached Vivi I was a little afraid of what would come out of her mouth.

She did not disappoint.

As this relative embraced Vivi, she opened her sweet mouth and said “You kinda stink.”

There was no recovering from that other than to say “Vivi, that’s not nice.” The next family gathering should be fun.

Toddler bomb.


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