bite… me

Having a 2-year-old that is just learning how to talk can be fun and frustrating at the same time.   On one hand, he doesn’t know all the words to express himself, and on the other hand, he says some pretty cute things..

Hurricane loves popcorn.  I could feed it to him for every meal, every day, and he’d be content.  Because he loves popcorn so much, it can also be a hinderance for trying to get him to eat real food.  It’s like he’s a broken record sometimes, asking over and over and over and over again for “op-core” (popcorn).

H: “op-core”
Me:  “I will get you some in a minute. Okay sweetie?”
H: “me,  op-core, bite.”
me: “Yep, in a minute.”
H. “bite… op-core”
Me: “I know, let me finish putting the dishes away, and then I will make you some popcorn”
H.  “op-core.  Bite.  Me.  Bite.  Me.  Bite Me.”
Me: (insert giggle) “Bite me?”
H: “yeah! Bite Me!”

Sometimes, I want to tell other parents to “bite me” too.. but I think I will just settle with some popcorn as well.



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