You Look Old, Like a Dog, and Junk in the Trunk

My three year old darling, Vivi, can be very sweet. She can also have the attitude of a 13 year old. I realize that when she says some of the things she says, she doesn’t really know what she’s saying, but ohhhh it can be so hard to remember that she’s not that 13 year old girl…especially when she says it while rolling her eyes. Here’s a rapid fire toddler bombing of some of the things Vivi said the last few days:

  • -While visiting grandma and grandpa, Vivi looks at her “grammy” and said “You look old today.” *insert smacking head
  • -While waiting for mommy to get her some juice, she starts making kissing noises and says “I’m treating you like a dog,” with a little giggle. I reply, “But I’m not a dog.” And SHE says, “But you look like a dog.” Thank goodness papa was home to handle that one.
  • -While driving to church, Vivi starts practicing her rhyming and comes up with this gem, “Junk. Junk….Trunk. Junk in the trunk!” lol I actually thought that one was awesome, but we couldn’t let on.
  • -And Malcom, not wanting to be outdone even though he doesn’t really talk, let me have this bomb: My baby Mac is barely talks (you don’t know the words unless, well, you’re his mom or sister) but he will make kissing noises when he wants to give a kiss. It’s ADORABLE. However, mommy is rarely the object of his kissing affection. He will give kisses all day long to papa and even his big sissy, but almost never to mommy. So, I was pleasantly surprised when, during a bath, he leaned over the side and made the kissing noise. I leaned in for my kiss and he…slapped me in the face with his chubby wet hand. Little jerk.

And that’s all I have for now, but consider your toddler bombing complete for now.


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