Lickety Lizard

I wish I was as fit and skinny as I was in high school and college.  I didn’t have to work out at all.  But I did, for the fun of it.  It was great.  Now, my post 2nd baby body needs some work, and it is WORK.  Just trying to fit in time to go the gym is work Getting the kids to stay at the childcare center at the gym for the 1 hour I work out, and then actually working out to a point where I feel like I’ve gotten a good work out, but not too exhausted to take care of the family afterwards is work. Work, work, work.  I guess that’s why it’s called “working out”… right?

Well we were headed to the gym as a family on Monday, and it actually didn’t seem like a stressful event for once to get everyone in the car all loaded up, and head to the gym.  But it never seems to fail that on the 10 minute drive to the gym, Hurricane takes his shoes and socks off.  In my head I think, “why must he always do that!”  and then this happens:

H: “Mom!”
Me: I look back and see him, licking his feet.  “Yuck! Lets not lick your feet”.  I then turn to my husband and shake my head with a smile.
H:  “Watch!”

(can you guess what he’s still doing?)

I turned back and watched him start sucking on his toes.  As if his toe was a thumb or Binky.  “YUCK!!”  But  I can’t help but laugh at the sight.  He then realizes what he is doing is disgusting us out and starts licking his foot up and down, up and down, like a lizard. We are so disgusted we just keep laughing, and he keeps licking.

He licks them so much that there is a long string of slobbery spit from his tongue to foot, and all over his face.


We are so disgusted, yet entertained its sort of a double-edged sword.  Its gross, unsanitary, but at the same time hilarious.  At this point, all parenting techniques go out the window, and we just keep driving, and he keeps licking. Lickety lizard!

When we get there, instead of sanitizing everything, (like good parents should), we put his socks and shoes on and go inside the gym to workout.  Laughing the whole way in.


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