Mom… BOOB!

Okay, let’s face it.  There’s no way to write this post without my face turning BRIGHT RED.  And there’s no way to write this post without some explaining.

Explanation: Bringing home a baby to our home has brought some very interesting conversations with (at the time) a 19 month old boy.  Including conversations about feeding the baby, boobs, bras, and small conversations about moms and dads.  Yes, I nursed Hurricane until he was almost 1 year old (until a bomb dropped on me the day I found out I was already expecting our 2nd child).  Yes, I nurse Dirt and plan to until he’s one year old.  Am I a breast-feeding activist?  NO.

Modesty is something that we try hard to have in our family.  It goes along with our religious beliefs.  I try to be modest in my clothing, as well as my actions.  I am not the type to “whip it out” while feeding the baby in public (I usually go hide in another room under a blanket or nursing cover).  But frankly sometimes at your own home, around your own family, modesty flies out the window.  Especially when the baby is just weeks old, and you are getting situated in things again. So, of course, my toddler boy knows what “boobs” are.

So here’s the story:  I finally decided to venture out on my own with both kids, when Dirt was just a few weeks old.  We even braved Wal-Mart.    The baby was getting fussy, and I don’t know what your experience is, but it seems like our Wal-Mart always has extremely long check-out lanes.   I decided to cut through the clothing section to get to the check-out lines faster.  We just so happen to cut through the bra and underwear isle.  And this was the VERY LOUD conversation…

H: “MOM!” (pointing at me)
Me: “uh huh, yep that’s right, I am your mom”
H: “Mom!”  (pointing at the bras we were walking by)
Me: “um… yes, that’s right” (BRIGHT RED FACE) “mom has some of those”

THEN he goes and points directly at my chest, and again shouts “MOM! BOOB!” , “MOM, BOOB!”

Everyone nearby, stops and stares directly at me…
(What do I even say to that? I am so embarrassed, where can I go and hide?)

He’s too smart for my own good, and BOOB, I mean, BOOM!  That was my recent Toddler Bomb!



One thought on “Mom… BOOB!

  1. I am a father of three kids and I guarantee you this will not be the last time your kids will embarrass you. It’s going to happen so, thanks for sharing to remind me I am not alone.

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