Mom, You’re Fat

This blog is all about the crazy things our (Vanessa and Lizzie’s) kids do and say. We know every parent thinks their kids are the funniest…but we’re pretty sure ours really are. Vanessa’s daughter, Vivi, is dropping “toddler bombs” all the time. Here’s what I mean:

Today, Vivi called her little brother a “fat baby.” Wanting to nip this in the butt, I told her not to call him fat (her Sunday school teachers told me on Sunday that she called him fat in class, too) and that we shouldn’t ever call anyone fat. It’s not nice.

So, what does my sweet Vivi do?

Looks me square in the face and says, “Mom, you’re fat.”

I’ll let that sink in for a moment and give you a chance to calm down.

I’m happy to report that we all survived this episode and Vivi is still alive and has all her functioning limbs.

After the red disappeared from my vision, I promptly put her in a “bummer” (our version of timeout). Let me be clear, it wasn’t because she called me fat (while I may not be at my ideal, I know I’m not fat…and neither is her brother) that had me so mad. It was that she looked me straight in the eyes with defiance and said to me exactly what I told her not to say. Literally three seconds after I told her not to. Grrrr.



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