Jesus Will Take His Clothes Off

Before you get all upset about the title, please know that we are a religious family. Vivi mentions Jesus a lot because we try to teach her about our faith. However, it does cause for some pretty irreverent comments.

Vivi was running around (literally, just running back and forth from one side of the room to the other) away we went:

Vivi:”Here is my concern. Jesus wants us to be kind. We need to be kind. Or he will be sad.”
Me:”That’s right, Vivi.”
Vivi:”If we take our clothes off, Jesus will take his clothes off.”
Me: “uhhh…not exactly.”

But it didn’t matter what I said at that point because it made perfect logical sense to her (she was just informing us of how it is) and had already moved on. Why can’t it be that easy for grown ups?



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